Imagine-U Museum joins this year’s Springfest with some really exciting activities for the young ones.



Create free-form robots using 1.5” smart cubes that magnetically connect.  Each cubulete has a separate function and depending on how they are combined determines what the robot is able to do.  This activity is fun kids age 4 and older.

Glass Wall Painting

Watch the kids paint on a wall to see what it looks like from the other side.  This cleans up in seconds and is especially liked by younger (age 2 and up) children.

Structured Craft

Build two different types of crafts.  This activity invites family participation.

Water Conservation

Let the slightly older kids learn how so water is wasted when no effort to conserve is made; and how much water is saved by making slight changes in everyday behaviors.

Join the staff at The Home Depot on the Eucalyptus Courtyard as they invite the whole family to the Kids Clinic to paint tile - and take home!

Stop by and talk with the folks at Build-A-Bear Workshop in the Lobby-East and have the kids sign up to win one of these great bear giveaways. The two bears are from the new Valentines collection, and they are dressed and candy scented! Folks stopping by the Visalia Mall booth can fill out an entry form and place it in the box of the bear that they would like to win. The drawing will be held on Monday morning and the winners will be called to pick up their prize at the store.