Unique Storage Systems from Drawer and Shelf Solutions

Drawer & Shelf Solutions designs custom solutions to your existing cabinets that provides easier access to stored items, better organization and space utilization - saving homeowners both time and effort.

Open shelving, the top trend today, is a perfect choice for kitchen remodeling projects as they allow a  more efficient and stylish kitchen.  Bath cabinetry helps optimize storage and gives bathrooms a more put-together look.  Even black custom cabinets can be used to create a more dramatic kitchen.  And all of these options increases future resale value. 

All products are custom made.  Drawer and Shelf Solutions can also provide an array of unique solutions for difficult storage areas.  Visit their booth located on Fourth Avenue (#311) in the Exhibit Hall.

Check out this video about  Drawer and Shelf Solutions' Patented Corner Solution –designed to allow easy access to those difficult corner cabinets:                                                                       Phone:  (559) 997-9666

Affordable Garage Storage Systems

Did you know that using cabinets for garage storage can actually decrease the useable space and sometimes makes it hard to open the car door? 

Overhead Storage Solutions will show you how to utilize totally wasted space in the center of your garage's ceiling and maximize the wasted wall space in with heavy duty wall shelves.  And, they will install overhead garage racks and wall shelves that create extra storage space at a very affordable cost.  You will have organized space for holiday decorations, sports equipment, office supplies, bicycles, children’s toys and more.

In business since 1998, Overhead Storage Solutions has installed garage ceiling racks and shelves for thousands of customers throughout California.  And installation is easy – no need to clean their garage, it’s done quickly - and once done, homeowners avoid any future monthly storage space rental fees!

Overhead garage ceiling installation – which costs a quarter of the price charged for garage cabinets – is a better alternative and once completed will provide more than enough space to open your car door(s)!  Overhead Storage Solutions is located on Fifth Avenue (#358) in the Exhibit Hall.

661-317-2484                                                                  oss-storage.com