Welcome to the Visalia Home Shows

Springfest Highlights 

· Check out an entire Convention Center stuffed with over 350 DISPLAYS filed providing Great Ideas For Your Home - Inside & Out including home and patio products, unique gifts and crafts, and great food.

·  Join Celebrity Speaker Steven Katkowsky as he shows you how to design your unique outdoor living space and create more storage space in the kitchen and bathroom ... [more]

·  Let remodeling specialists and interior designers help you save time money, and frustration on home improvement projects, or add a touch of elegance to the floors, make enhancements with new window treatments, or save money by installing a tankless water heater … [more]

·  Let the professional builders design your new pool or refurbish an existing one using fiberglass significantly reducing monthly expenses … [more]

·  Learn gardening tips from experts at Master Gardeners and Orchard Supply Hardware as you learn simple ways to install drip irrigation, design drought tolerant landscapes, or learn compost techniques… [more]

·  Save money by doing-it-yourself and increase the value of your home when you learn interior painting techniques or how to install flooring and wall tiles from professionals at The Home Depot and Orchard Supply Hardware[more]

·  Watch how to prepare dazzling and delicious dinners as local celebrity Chefs demonstrate how to prepare budget-friendly family meals… [more]

·  Let the kids build a craft with the Home Depot Team, sign up for Martial Arts training, or enter to win a Valentine Bear giveaway from Build-A-Bear[more]

·  Bring a 5x7 photo of your favority pooch and win a portrait from Nadi Spencer, and stop by to support the Valley Oak SPCA and even enter to win a Tuff Shed Dog [more]

·  Find that perfect gift for your special someone from chocolate to “tools for her” when you visit the Springfest Marketplace[more]

·   Grab a form and go Treasure Hunting when you get it stamped at all “red star” (enter-to-win) locations and become eligible to win a prizes…[more]