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Valentine Gift Ideas

Find Great Gifts for Valentine’s Day at in our

Springfest Marketplace


You haven’t seen chocolate until you stop by the DeBrito Chocolate Factory display. The caramel apples alone will amaze you. With creations like “Apple S’Mores” (caramel, graham cracker, marshmallows and gobs of milk chocolate – all over a hand-selected, fresh Granny Smith apple), they will have hundreds of apples in 30-40 different flavors. Or if you want something more traditional, DeBrito will also feature different Valentine’s Gift Boxes in prices ranging from $8-$40. DeBrito Chocolate Factory can be located in the East Lobby area of the Show.


Tools – for her!

New this year to the Springfest Marketplace is Tomboy Tools.   Stop by their Booth #404 located inside San Joaquin to see their high-quality pink tools including the Diamond Power Pack with Toolbelt, the Tomboy Traveler, Auto Kit, Garden Bucket, Multi-Purpose Craft Line Kit, and more…

In response to the growing demand of women wanting their own quality tools in pink, as well as the organization’s vision to give back to causes such as the Pink for a Purpose initiative, Tomboy Tools works with ergonomic specialists, designers and manufacturers to provide tools that are effective, lightweight, durable, high-quality and comfortable for women. The organization strives to provide educational resources and opportunities for women (and girls) that will help inspire them and build their confidence in using tools.


Wine Slushies

Be sure to stop by the Nectar of the Vine Booth #265 located at the end of Second Avenue in Exhibit Hall-West and try one of the “non-alcoholic” wine slushy mixes that come in 15 delicious flavors.  

Once you get them home just mix with 1 bottle white dry wine, 1 bottle of water and your favorite flavor slushy mix and freeze. You will enjoy a light and refreshing wine slushy right out of your own freezer and they are great for any occasion.