Elements Design Center and Coulter's Flooring America have teamed up to construct a luxurious Living Room and Bathroom. Dozens of homeowners are expected to get a peak at their inspirational display to see what’s new and latest trends. Many are searching for coziness in the living spaces and a spa like atmosphere in the bathrooms. Whatever direction you want to head in, Elements and Coulter’s Flooring can certainly help you.”

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Home redecorating experts, etc-Explore the Collection and Rusti'k Works return this time with a sensational Master Bedroom display combining the best of Magnolia Home Furnishings staged against a backdrop of rustic walls and door constructed from pallets and other recyclables.


From Your Living Room to a Movie Set - He Can Build It!

 Billy's Creations showcases a Route 66 Game Room!  Using his unique talents, Billy specializes in themed rooms and makes everything from man caves to spaceships; steampunk walls to Hobbit holes, and 57 Chevy seat couches to Egyptian pyramid tombs.   He can create brickwork and stonework using his techniques with foam beams, columns, and concrete.

 Is it real or is it foam?  It looks real! It feels real! Using cured and hardened, reinforced foam, his artists airbrush each creation to make them look as realistic as possible. Billy challenges himself to make real look fake and fake look real.  You will be amazed at his work!


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Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore room display will be filled with refurbished and renewed materials and paint that help homeowners stay on budget while supporting low-cost housing in the South Valley.


Home Depot shows you how to fill the Backyard Shed with essential power tools, accented by artificial turf and other outdoor products. 

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Our thanks to PremierWest Paints - the exclusive retailer (in the Central Valley) of Benjamin Moore Paints - for providing the paint used during the construction of the STREET of DREAMS room displays. Talk with their professional and friendly staff about your next decorating project. Their booth is located on Fifth Avenue in the Exhibit Hall.