Visit creative Earth Arts Studio at the end of 5th Avenue in the Exhibit Hall.


“Love to Shop” with Gold Canyon Candles


What's something we all have in common? We all love to shop! It's social, fun and always better with friends. Add in some great deals, discounts and perks—we call that a party! At Gold Canyon, there are many ways to shop. Party online, do a virtual meet-up with a friend or two, or gather a few people together for sips and snacks. Make it casual, relaxed and on your terms because "this isn't your mother's party".  So here are several of their current product lines:

Lumies seamlessly make a fashion statement with trendy, seasonal prints so you can add a little whimsy, a touch of sophistication or a splash of color to your décor. These wonderfully fragrant scented candles feature a unique wrap that gives the candle a playful look and lets your personality shine through as brightly as the candlelight.

The Scented Jar Candle that started it all! Gold Canyon’s signature Diamond-Light™ glass perfectly accentuates the beauty and glow of candlelight. The diamond-cut glass creates a kaleidoscope of light that sparkles from every angle. Available in four sizes and 75 fragrances, Heritage is our most popular scented candle and the ultimate statement of fragrance and color.

See what items you need to accessorize for fall holidays when you stop by the Gold Canyon Candles booth located on Fifth Avenue in the Exhibit Hall.


Bring Life To Your Holiday Decorations

Bored with those blow up lawn decorations for the holidays? Tired of unplugging each night?

 Let Dab of Paint create a whimsical and fun filled display for your lawn. Our wood cut outs are hand drawn, individually created for that one of a kind look and no two are exactly alike!


 Come see us at the entrance to STREET of DREAMS in the Exhibit Hall where we will feature cut outs for fall, winter, spring and summer.

 Artist: Dennis A. Barigian                        559-760-8771

Papparazzi Jewelry_logo.jpg

Paparazzi is all about change!

Though our fashion-forward jewelry and product parties are centered on fun, Paparazzi fulfills a serious mission. We believe that trendy accessories can be available, and affordable, to women everywhere.

Papparazzi Jewelry_photo1.jpg

We know that wearing a new look, and feeling confident in your appearance, builds amazing self-worth. Our passion is inspiring dreams, empowering talents, and reaching goals by sharing our products and the excitement of Paparazzi. We see it happen every day.

 Come Get Glam With Mack.  Paparazzi and Jewels Just Us are located on 5th Avenue in the Exhibit Hall.

LulaRoe – Where Fashion Meets Comfort


 LulaRoe has created a fun, fashionable, comfortable, and unique line of clothing for all ages, with sizes ranging from XXS - 3XL in leggings, skirts, dresses, tops, kimonos, vests and sweaters.  Designed as unique pieces, Lularoe only produces about 5000 pieces per print, in a few different styles. So, if you see it and love it, you should buy it because you very well may never see it again!

Exciting news!  LuLaRoe just signed a contract with Disney and very soon we’ll have amazing, exclusive Disney prints in a few different styles. Our next capsule holiday will be Halloween and you don’t want to miss out on it!!! They will be Epic.

Located at the end of Sixth Avenue in the Exhibit Hall, stop by and see exciting print are on display and meet Mouretta Davis, your local LulaRoe Fashion Consultant.  Mention the following phrase for $5.00 off your show purchase!  "Life Is Too Short To Wear Boring Clothes"!