Below is the HOME EXPO Exhibitor Manual and Show Decorator Request Form.  To print, select the Image/Form and a printable PDF will open in a new window.  PLEASE REVIEW NEW INFORMATION RELATED TO EVENT PARKING.

Exhibitor Manual

2019 Springfest Exhibitor Manual to be posted soon. Please check back.

 Decorating Request Form

Each booth does include one duplex outlet (500 watts)

PARKING CHANGES at Visalia Convention Center & Marriott Hotel

Recently, we were advised by the General Manager, Shelley Ellis, that the Marriott Hotel has begun charging for vehicles parked in their lot.  This includes the parking area behind the south side of the Visalia Convention Center. 

The Convention Center Parking Lot and Loading Dock will be available for all exhibitors to use.  We do ask that all exhibitors move vehicles off the dock as soon as unloading is complete.  Please unload, move your vehicle off the dock, park, - and then begin booth construction.   This will ensure that other merchants have adequate access to unload.

The Marriott Parking Lot will be available for use – at no charge – for move-in on Wednesday and Thursday (2/6-7/19).  The parking arms will be in the up position.  Exhibitors may temporarily park to unload.  Afterward we ask that you move vehicles out of the lot - to other legal spaces – so other merchants may have access to unload.  This will also minimize the impact of the use of this parking lot on the Marriott Hotel guests.    The Marriott Parking Lot will also be available at no charge for move-out starting Sunday at 5pm and on Monday from 7am-2pm. 

Parking Lot #19located a block away on SANTA FE – has been secured from Thursday through Sunday exclusively for exhibitors.  A limited number of trailers may also use this lot. 

MAP of Downtown Exhibitor Parking Areas

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