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This year LeafFilter joins the Home EXPO to can help you prevent damage caused by clogged gutters including roofing damage, rotting wood & fascia, basement flooding, and even the home’s foundation



For over 40 years, Hickox Roofing became a staple in the Central Valley roofing industry.

Now at the reins of this family owned business, Jason Hickox manages with integrity and drive and his leadership and experience makes Hickox Roofing “simply the best” service in California.

Hickox Roofing covers all areas of roofing and coatings and consider themselves to be experts in the growing field of cold process roofing.  The goal is to provide our clients with innovative roof solutions for each and every situation.

Our services include Re-Roof, Roof Repair and Roof Maintenance.  We also specialize in Tile Roof Restoration which includes replacement of broken tiles and water-damaged wood; dryer vent and gutter cleaning; and leak repair with a 2-year certification.