AT&T and DIRECTV have come together to bring you the best of both worlds: outstanding entertainment, the AT&T wireless network, and great value on video, high-speed Internet, and wireless bundles.


Stop by and talk with the DIRECTV representatives at one of their booths to learn about entertainment packages that give you more than just your favorite channels at a great price,  Elite Satellite Services can also help you save money when you sign up for the new AT&T wireless packages.  

You also get NFL SUNDAY TICKET included at no extra charge, FREE premium networks for three months, FREE streaming of entertainment on your computer, tablet, and phone, and more.

Plus, you can customize your TV package with what you want to watch—and where you want to watch it.  Connect DIRECTV to the Internet for more on-screen content.  Watch YouTube, jam to Pandora, check live scores, track your fantasy league, and so much more.

Enter for a chance to WIN a 32" Flat Screen each day of the show.

Phone:  (559) 492-3120            star_boost@yahoo.com


Maintain Your Solar Panel Investment

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 Let Solar Maintenance Pros help you protect your solar investment and keep your system performing efficiently.  Here are several of their services that will help you maximize energy production and minimize repair costs.

 Panel Cleaning:  A dirty solar panel produces less electricity than a clean one. Professional cleaning using proper equipment and techniques helps you get the most out of your solar system. Solar Maintenance Pros uses the best equipment and advanced cleaning solutions to get your solar panels clean while protecting them.

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Adding Panel:  Looking to expand on your current solar system? There are many factors to consider in upgrading a system: panel size, inverter capacity, and roof space. Our team of professional technicians will review your options with you over the phone and accommodate your needs depending on what you’re looking for.

System Troubleshooting & Repair:  If you recently purchased a home with solar or are unsure of whether your solar system is working properly, the Solar Maintenance Pros team can give you peace of mind. We will conduct an audit and inspection of your solar system to confirm that everything is working as it should be.

Critter Guard:  Birds living on and around your solar system increase dirt accumulation and soiling. The installation of critter guard around the edge of your solar panels makes them a less desirable living area for birds and other animals.

Stop by their booth on Second Avenue in the Exhibit Hall.  (559) 817-4238   solarmaintenancepros